Samantha Nielson LMT#19906

I graduated from the University of Western states in March 2013 with my Massage Therapy Certification. In my studies I received an accumulative GPA of 3.95. Upon graduating I passed my written and practical tests and received my licensed in September 2013. I have worked for both Glamour Salon and Massage Envy gaining thousands of hours in giving massage. I am confident in my ability to assist my clients in facilitating healing and well being. I have worked on a wide spectrum of clients with various issues such as chronic pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, sports injuries and numerous others. 

My Philosophy

When I started Nature's Path Therapeutic Massage I had a few fundamental  beliefs that I felt embodied what it means to me to give massage.  

  • A natural approach to treating stress, pain, and injury for better health

  • Provide a welcoming, relaxing and safe environment

  • Provide a flexible schedule to meet the needs of my clients

  • Build lasting relationships

  • Genuinely care about the well being of clients

My goal for each and every session is to make sure my client is getting the care that they need by providing; a flexible schedule, a welcoming, relaxing and safe environment. That I listen to all of their concerns regarding their aches, pains, and addressing them accurately. Continuously learning  new techniques, treatments and keeping up to date with the latest research. In doing this I believe I will build lasting relationships with my clients by showing them their health and well being is my top priority.